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Fascinating Facts About Softroc® Franchising

Softroc® is a business that specializes in the installation, cleaning, maintenance, and repair of rubber safety surfacing. This flooring option is most seen in playgrounds and other children play areas. However, that’s not the most fun thing about this product. Here’s 5 fun facts about Softroc® as a product, service and franchise opportunity that might surprise you.

Stay Cool at the Pool! In comparison to concrete, Softroc® safety surfaces are warm to the touch and will no longer sizzle your skin! This means cool feet and paws for the whole family. Our rubber surfacing is also non-slip and can soften hard falls (for those who are aging gracefully)!

Really, We’re Not Skidding! Rubber Safety Surfacing is a resilient, non-skid surface that is virtually indestructible. It’s the perfect flooring solution for workout areas and gyms because it’s not only super easy to clean and disinfect, but it can also help prevent injuries! For entrepreneurs who are focused on high-quality products and services that last, Softroc® makes the short list for anyone serious about success! 

Indestructible Investment? Indeed! We all want our investments to stand the test of time. Softroc® Rubber Surfacing is durable and virtually impossible to damage or break, making it the perfect choice for kids of all ages and pets of all kinds. The possibilities for Softroc® are truly endless, which means the business opportunity in your market is too!

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here We Come! Nothing says sunshine and summer fun like the Softroc® popular Bright Red! Softroc® Rubber Surfacing materials contain 100% UV stable urethanes that protect it from sun damage or color fading. No matter where in the U.S. you locate your rubber safety surface business, there’s already a growing demand for Softroc®.

38-Years in the Making! Softroc® is the fastest growing brand in a 60-billion-dollar industry and is partnered with Rubaroc, the original rubber safety surfacing company, with over 38 years of experience! It’s a fantastic opportunity for individuals and families to get in at the ground floor with a franchise that’s backed by time-tested materials, people, technology, systems, and processes. Hear from the franchisees building their businesses with Softroc® here.

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5 Awesome Reasons to Own a Softroc® Franchise

Fascinating Facts About Softroc® Franchising

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