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The Benefits of Rubber Surfacing

Deliver your clients a professional service that improves their quality of life while giving you an exceptional profit margin. It’s a win-win at Softroc®, where you’ll provide customers with…


Install your customers long lasting and easy to repair stylish surfaces that’ll last for decades.

Peace of Mind

Bring value to your clients’ spaces that once seemed unsafe with an impact and slip resistant material that covers cracked, broken, and shifted surfaces.


Turn down the heat so your customers won’t burn their feet with a surface that retains and reduces the surface temperature of outdoor spaces.

Find Common Ground with Anyone

 Not sure who or what audiences you’ll be serving? Here’s what our market research says: 


Builders and contractors are going to be one of your most scalable clients. Getting your Softroc® franchise services into their arsenal of add-on services will greatly increase your profit potential.

Residential Homeowners

Homeowners, or even house flippers, are going to love increasing the resale value of their homes with Softroc® safety surfacing. Whether they’re interested in enhancing their garages or pool decks, you’ll find a plethora of customers here.


Just think about it – gyms are one of the most impact heavy and nosiest places to be. Gym owners (and members) will greatly value the upgrades to their workout areas that’ll provide noise reductions from slamming weights, grippier surfacing to lift, and cleaner/softer flooring to stretch on.

Advanced Rubber Surfacing Solutions

Our exclusive partnership with Rubaroc gives you all the industry leverage you need to pour the perfect surface for your future clients. From our anti-microbial material to our superior quality rubber granules and binding agents, we provide you with the most advanced rubber and surfacing techniques to give your clients that perfect space. Time and time again.

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