The Driveway Company is now a service line of Softroc!

Safety. Style. Comfort. That’s the Softroc® Way.

Safety. Style. Comfort. That’s the Softroc® Way.

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Why Build Your Own Business with Softroc®?

Softroc® is an emerging key player in the surfacing industry. With over 30 years of industry experience, we’re combining our industry knowledge and expertise with the limitless opportunities of franchise ownership.

Courtney Harmon


Our President Courtney brings a wealth of franchise experience that benefits every Softroc® owner. She currently serves as the President of Softroc® – keeping them in the national spotlight. She also served as the Operations Manager for Curves International for over 11 years. 

Nichole Morris

Operations Manager

Nichole works diligently on the development of new operational platforms that are utilized by the Franchisees, in addition to keeping the current programs running and up to date. She also assists with New-Owner Training, Onboarding, and delivers Franchisee Support when needed.

Angie Johnson

Onboarding Specialist

Angie is dedicated to partnering with new franchisees, working through the necessary steps for a successful opening. Angie is based out of Michigan and enjoys franchising and building relationships with new franchisees. 

Jenna Wilson

Marketing Coordinator

Jenna works directly with Softroc® franchisees in marketing support. Jenna has significant knowledge in both traditional marketing and Softroc® operations allowing her to provide franchisees spot-on marketing efforts that best promote their business.

Everything’s Better with a Partner

We’ve already created partnerships with the best in the industry to ensure the highest in quality products.

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Are you Ready to Cover a lot of Ground?

No inventory upkeep, professional training and sales support and a near limitless customer base, no matter the economy. Blaze your own trail and learn how you can become a Softroc® owner today.