The Driveway Company is now a service line of Softroc!

Professional Training & Support

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End to End Franchisee Support

Opening your own business can be nerve-wracking. But we’ve got your back. From on-site guidance from certified Softroc® professionals to employee trainings, Softroc® is here to ensure your team gets the job done right the first time around.

Connected Network

Our network of connected partners gives you top tier materials, training, and resources so you and your team can thrive on and off the pavement.

Plan & Strategize

Make intelligent decisions based on real time facts and numbers. The Softroc®️ support team removes the guesswork out of running a business and enables you to go the extra mile with your franchise.

Support Materials

We create useful marketing materials to help you grow your business. Take a look at our Look Book!

Product Features

From our high-quality rubber granules to premium polyurethane binders, Softroc® has invested a spectacular amount of time and energy in providing our franchisees access to industry leading, easy to work with state-of-the-art materials – sent to your franchise location at a moment’s notice. 

Discover the products our customer’s love.

EPDM Rubber Granules

EPDM is the highest used resilient product on the market. Our EPDM has the perfect combination of flexibility and durability to give customers the best resiliency possible. Our EPDM not only protects against chlorine, foot traffic, bacteria, and UV rays, but looks beautiful, and seamless while being safe.

SBR Rubber Granules

SBR is our environmentally friendly surfacing material. Proven in its ability to last longer than other environmentally friendly materials, we ensure Softroc® SBR Rubber Granules allows you the most flexibility to give environment conscious clients a great resurfacing choice.

Polyurethane Binders

Our polyurethane binders have been formulated to create beautiful surfaces when combined with Softroc® EPDM Rubber Granules. With over 35 years of experience our installers have found that the Softroc®️ Trowel Swipe can be used to clean and provide a lubricated surface to trowel over. Continuing to give you a more efficient installation and give your customers a seamless finish, every time.

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