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Know the Difference Between EPDM & SBR

Learn the difference of the 3 types of rubber: Recycled SBR / EPDM / Pre-cycled SBR

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber that offers superior ultra-violet light, temperature and chemical resistance. It has greater elasticity and durability over its recycled counterpart. Our EPDM rubber granules are dyed completed through, resulting in an everlasting colour for your clients.

Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is a synthetic rubber once known as neoprene. SBR rubber is highly resistant to heat and chemicals such as oil and gasoline, and is most commonly used for insulating material in machinery and tires. Our founder, Barry Meakings, was a pioneer of recycling in North America when he began to use cutoff scraps from shoe soles to create rubber granules. Today, our SBR granules are made from recycled and pre-cycled tires, providing an eco-friendly alternative to EPDM.

Lets get up close and personal with rubber to really see the difference!

Recycled vs Pre-cycled SBR

Recycled SBR (top) is made from used tires and is used for fill. Recycled SBR is not a clean rubber and can have pieces of tire lining and debris, making it not suitable for surface applications. 
Pre-cycled SBR (bottom) is made from defective tires and cutoffs. It is a much cleaner form of recycled SBR and is suitable for driveway and pathway applications.

EPDM is the highest quality of rubber on the market. It’s UV resistant properties and durability make it the best type of rubber for residential and commercial applications.

Can rubber be installed on a driveway?
YES! Just think about it, what do cars drive around on all day? If you said rubber, you’re right! Rubber surfacing is perfect for driveways as it can withstand heavy traffic and is very easy to clean.

Pre-cycled SBR driveways are a great eco-friendly and safe alternative to asphalt. Learn more about our product features on the Training and Support page or the Products blog article page.

At Softroc®, we want to outline the ways your company can continue to install Rubber Safety Surfacing as we enter colder climates. Learn more about installations as we transition into the fall season.

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